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Jelqing Safely

Al Alfaro - who has been offering jelqing programs on the web for more than a decade - talks about the problems men can run into when doing jelqing exercises, shares his thoughts on why these injuries occur and what can be done to prevent them. Al also writes a Question & Answer column at

What's the number-one problem men face when they start out on a jelqing program?
My number one beef would be men who don't follow the instructions! When I get email from men with bruising or swelling I can guarantee they've been making up their own program and not following our instructions. In order to gain from a enlargement program, you have to be able to follow instructions. At my websites, I give a concise outline of what should be done for the first few months of the program. Yes, the basic routine seems a little boring, but the purpose of the basic routine is to create a foundation of structural strength so that you'll be able to withstand the heavier and much more stressful intensity loads of the more advanced exercises. If men follow the routines as outlined at the beginning, then they'll do fine. Another thing that annoys me is that many trainees stop making gains because they fall prey to the "more is better" way of thinking. They'll say to themselves: "Hey, I did 50 reps of 'the squeeze', and my penis is pumped a whole 1/2 inch bigger than ever! If it only took 50 reps to add that 1/2 inch, then with 100 reps, I should be able to add a whole inch!" These are the same individuals that email me complaining about severe bruising and swelling. Once you've had several months to gauge what's working for you, then I recommend experimenting with the exercises, layouts and routines. Until then though, it's best to follow the routines as outlined.

It sounds like your members are getting a little over-zealous?
Overzealous is a good way of describing it. Measuring is another area that guys get obsessed with. They need to understand, you should not measure yourselves daily! You need to have reference points in which to gauge your progress! Beginners should measure themselves no more than once a week. More advanced trainees should aim for every 2 to 3 weeks. Keep a log of your routines, measurements and your goals. Write everything down. Hand positions, lubes used, length of hot soaks, etc. By keeping accurate logs, you'll be able to see what's working and you'll be able to track your progress with more precision.

What sort of problems are men writing to you about?
I guess one of the main ones would be the little red spots that appear on the head and shaft of the penis. They are very common. Almost everyone that's done concentrated girth work has had to deal with little red spots The spots, known as petechiae, are the most common "negative" side effect from doing PE. They're harmless and are nothing more than little pinpoint-sized bruises cause by excessive compressing of the penis. As long as the spots don't get any bigger than a pinpoint, you shouldn't worry. Time, massage, and hot wraps/soaks will alleviate them.

Another common problem are rashes. Rashes are usually caused by a lack of lubrication while milking. A rash may appear as a small red area or it may resemble a burn and may be accompanied by small cuts or scrapes. Cocoa butter cream and other mild skin creams and ointments are effective in alleviating rashes.

Bruising is another common complaint. A more intense version of the little red spots, bruising usually occurs from heavy hanging without enough padding in the hanger, or from hanging too long and tight without a break. While not very serious - unless you've managed to cut off so much circulation to the penis that you've destroyed tissue - bruising can be very unsightly. Treatments usually consist of rest, hot wraps and soaks, applications of Arnica to the penis itself, and the consumption of a supplement called Butcher's Broom. Both Arnica and Butcher's Broom can be found in any nutritional outlet.

There are other complaints like thrombosis of the veins, but they are not very common. A thrombosed vein is a vein that's been distended due to too much internal vascular pressure. It's usually caused by incorrectly performing squeeze-type exercises, but pumpers have also been known to get them. Men who have suffered from this condition have commented that it's relatively painless. The treatment for this? Rest and hot wraps and soaks. To prevent this from happening in the future, exercise moderation in the activity that caused it in the first place.

Strained ligaments are another injury we see from time-to-time. Strained ligaments at the base of the penis can occur from hanging and/or stretching too often and intensely without enough rest, or can occur from a single incident of excessively intense hanging and/or stretching. Most of the pain felt from strained ligaments can be felt at the base of the penis, and may extend to the interior of the pubis and even as far as the lower abdomen. Lots of rest is required for strained ligaments. All enlargement exercises should be ceased as they may lead to actual tearing of the ligaments, which could require surgery.

[Thanks to alt Penis for permitting us to reproduce their article.]

Strained ligaments at the base of the penis can occur from stretching too often and too intensely without enough rest.

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